Spice Girls cost us No.1 says Terrorvision mainman

Terrorvision mainman Tony Wright says Geri Halliwell was the reason his band just missed out on a UK number one single in 1999.

The Yorkshire rockers charged up the charts with Tequila on the back of BBC Radio One DJ Zoe Ball pushing the track hard on her radio show.

But they were denied the coveted No.1 slot by The Offspring with Pretty Fly For A White Guy.

Now Wright has recalled the run up to the release and he tells New Rock Times' reporter Eric Mackinnon that the original plan would have taken the band to the top of the charts - but for the team behind Ginger Spice.

He says: “The week before was the week we were going to release Tequila but unfortunately we went to the meeting at the record label and Geri Halliwell’s management were really good and they told us we couldn’t release it that week.”

He continues: “They said it was too strong a song and Geri wanted to talk her way through another cover version and she had to get to No.1. And our management didn’t have the same clout so we released it a week later and we sold something like 60,000 more copies than Geri did but we only got toNo.2.

“But there’s no shame in coming second to that Offspring song which was a good song and it was brilliant to have two rock bands at the top of the charts. It could have gone either way but if we had got to No.1 maybe our label would have given us a little bonus.”