Megadeth are a band reborn

David Ellefson says Megadeth has been reborn and there is no longer a fandemand for reuniting with former band members.

The co-founder and bassist discussed the former clamour to see the classic ‘Rust In Peace’ line-up reunite but having recording their most recent album with Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro and drummer Chris Adler, Ellefson reckons the band have moved on.

"There was always this calling from our fans to revisit the 'Rust In Peace' line-up, which we had all moved on from, including those former members," Ellefson tells

"So, we all had a meeting. Had a discussion. We even did a little bit of playing together. And we realized that it would be better to remain friends and leave that legacy sit as the heroic memory that it is in the minds of so many of our fans. It was clear — the past is the past. We're going to let that truly rest in peace, if you will. No pun intended."

He added: "What's really cool about 'Dystopia' is that fans used to always clamour for things of the past. Those days seem to be over. I think we finally transitioned past that. Megadeth has been reborn."

On the subject of the new boy on sticks in the band Ellefson spoke in glowing terms on Adler.

“He got to have his fan boy moment, saying, 'Man, I listened to the ('So Far, So Good ... So What!') cassette so much, I wore it out.

"And I think a lot of fans are thinking Chris might come in and bring his Lamb of God sensibilities into Megadeth ... and that's not easy, because artists always bring with them their own signature sound. And I think what you hear on 'Dystopia' is you hear Chris Adler being a phenomenal Megadeth drummer."