Statue unveiled for Bon Scott in hometown

A life sized bronze statue of AC/DC legend Bon Scott has been unveiled at the annual festival held in his honour.

His home town of Kirriemuir hosts an annual BonFest ever year in honour of the former AC/DC frontman who died at the age of just 33 in 1980.

More than 4,000 fans were expected to attend this year’s BonFest where the statue was unveiled by former AC/DC bass player Mark Evans.

The £45,000 bronze statue is the result of a two-year crowdfunding campaign which drew support from the band itself.

Mr Evans says: “It is a surreal feeling to be here. It's very emotional, too. I always speak of Bon in the present tense. I feel he's still around.

"To have something like this that's been funded by the fans, the people that he held in his heart is just great.

"It's just fantastic, it's a really warming experience.”

Born in Kirriemuir, Ronald Belford Scott, departed Angus, and Scotland, for Australia at the age of six where his family put down roots in Freemantle.

He met fellow Scottish ex-pats Angus and Malcolm Young in 1974 where he joined the brothers in their fledgling band which were to ultimately go on to achieve international fame.

The BonFest is now in its tenth year with festival chairman John Crawford delighted to see a permanent tribute to Scott in his home town.

He says: “It's going to be a lasting memorial for Bon.

"There's a statue in Freemantle that draws a lot of visitors and attention so it would be good to have that in Kirriemuir as a permanent memorial.”

Assisting Evans with the unveiling of the statue was Tony Currenti, who drummed on AC/DC's debut album and Mary Renshaw, Bon Scott's seamstress.