Megadeth bassist jokes tattoos were just for sailors and bad boys

Megadeth bassist David Ellefson jokes that he and Dave Mustaine were the only people at the recent Carolina Rebellion Festival without any tattoos - something he says were only for dangerous men and sailors when he started out.
In an interview with, Ellefson says: "The truth of it, for me growing up the only real artist that had tattoos was Bon Scott. He would take his shirt off in AC/DC, and it was scary. Dangerous men and sailors had tattoos. 
"Bon came out and he was tough, dangerous and badass. It really wasn't part of my culture. I remember when Motley Crue got the 'Girls, Girls, Girls' sleeve and then everyone started to follow. I would say Motley was probably the leader of the tattoo generation, and then fast forward into the '90s and it was all of the new metal guys getting tats. 
"Me and Dave (Mustaine) are probably the only guys of 70,000 people here [at the Carolina Rebellion festival, where the interview was conducted] that don't have tattoos."
The thrash legends played their first live show with new drummer Dirk Verbeuren on May 20 at the Rock On The Range festival in Columbus, Ohio. Verbeuren was drafted in on sticks due to regular drummer Chris Adler being tied up on the road with Lamb of God.