Reckless Love invent 'swag rock'

Scandinavian hair metallers Reckless Love are famous for their party rock anthems and song subjects but guitarist Pepe Reckless reckons they nailed the world's first ever 'swag rock' song on their new album.
Speaking to Eric Mackinnon of the New Rock Times, Pepe revealed the 'Pretty Boy Swagger' track on their fourth album InVader was a splash in completely new musical waters.
He says: "We teamed up with the hottest pop producer in Finland at the moment called Jurek and went out to do something totally different musically. Jurek had this fun idea of a new genre called "swag metal". 
"We thought it was hilarious and went on to write the world's first Swag Metal song. We had these crazy trap beats flying all over the studio and I started riffing away on top of that. At the end of the session we had the first version of Pretty Boy Swagger recorded. It was one of the most fun days in the whole process of making InVader."
While Reckless Love are famous for their love of the fun side of rock n' roll, girls and parties, Pepe says there is room for all kinds of music although he admits they are unlike to dip into dark topics any time soon.
"There's plenty of room for all kinds of music. And the more there is doom and gloom - the more there is a genuine need for some uplifting good time rock n roll," he says.
"We've certainly got that corner covered! But it isn't like we go out with a plan to write music that's fun - no. It just comes out like that. We're happy-go-lucky fellows! But we all have broad tastes in music and listen to all kinds of darker and heavier stuff too. Reckless Love just ain't about that sort of groove."
The Finnish band named their new record InVader - with the I and V capitalised to represent it being their fourth record. On the new album Pepe says: "The album title is not a straight reference to anything, but it can mean different things. I think it means breaking barriers musically. We're taking rock n roll into new territories and redefining what you can do within the 'hair metal' context." 
It is obvious that the boys are huge fans of the Sunset Strip era of the '80s which was dominated by the hair metal bands of the time but how would Reckless Love fare alongside their musical heroes in what was a different musical era?
"We make our own scene right here & right now," says Pepe.
"I enjoy the music and documentation of the 80's rock era. It all reads out like a fantasy. But the way I see it, I wouldn't have survived it haha!
"From the bands that started their rise on the Strip, Van Halen's got to be my fave. I love all of their classic albums with Dave, and '1984' is the album that has inspired me probably the most."
Everyone and their pal are chipping in with their thoughts on the forthcoming Axl/DC shows which will see Axl Rose join AC/DC for a run of live dates so we asked Pepe for his two-pence worth.
He adds: "I think it's awesome! Stuff of legends. Just heard some clips on the internet from their rehearsals, and Thunderstruck just blew my mind. Axl fits perfectly. It's gonna drop like an atom bomb when they play live!"