Ulrich could have been Metallica frontman

Metallica could have been fronted by drummer Lars Ulrich claims their original manager who recalls current mainman James Hetfield's crippling confidence issues.
Jon 'Jonny Z' Zazula says moving Ulrich to the front of the band was a real consideration due to Hetfield's early bouts of nerves. 
Zazula was the band's manager from 1982 and in Metal Hammer he reflects: "Lars and I planned a lot of stuff. But James wasn't the most confident of singers. I don't think he felt comfortable.
"At one point there was even talk of Lars becoming the frontman. For about five seconds."
Hetfield successfully overcame his early confidence crisis to take to the mic and eventuall grow into one of the world's most premier frontmen.
The band are presently working on their 10th album.