Volbeat: We believe in the spirit world

Volbeat mainman Michael Poulsen says he is ‘100 per cent’ convinced that we live among spirits as he discusses his band’s forthcoming new album.

‘Seal The Deal And Let's Boogie’ will drop on June 3 via Republic Records with the new album following a theme of old historical characters from around the world.

Speaking to The Scott Mars Show on Live 105 in Nova Scotia, Poulsen says: “There are a few songs that are flirting a little bit around with the voodoo environment from the 1800s, as with this 'Marie Laveau' song and 'The Loa's Crossroad'.

“But it's not really a theme at all. I would more call it a spiritual album, because the lyrics are very spiritual. They're not religious; we're not religious believers, but we do believe in the spirit world.

“So it has those lyrics with old characters, like Marie Laveau, which was the voodoo queen of New Orleans; it has a song about Ishtar, which was the Babylon queen; it has a song about Mary Jane Kelly, which was the last victim of Jack The Ripper. And some of the other songs are more my input on my inspiration for the spiritual world, how I look at certain things in life.”

Expanding on the theme in the ‘Marie Laveau’ Poulsen reveals he hopes to harness the voodoo queen’s spirit to make contact with a loved one of his own.

“I've always been very interested in the spiritual world and all those kinds of things. Also dark, spiritual things… I guess it's just something that a lot of guys in the metal and rock scene are very into.

“I just remember very interested in it since I was a teenager, seeing a lot of horror movies, which I still do. But as I do believe in the spirit world, it is a very interesting world, because it has a very strong power. And the song 'Marie Laveau', it's not that much about her; it's more me trying to bring her back to life to use her spiritual powers to get in contact with my dead father.”

He adds: “Through my life, there have been so many different occasions where I'm pretty much one hundred percent convinced in the spirit world, so yes."