Linkin Park vocalist defends Bennington's 'we saved metal' claims

Chester Bennington's claims that Linkin Park 'kept metal alive' were taken out of context insists his band mate Mike Shinoda.
Earlier this week TeamRock reported that Bennington had stated his band played a key role in keeping the genre alive.
An interview in Metal Hammer reads: "I think that’s really funny – just those words, ‘the integrity of metal.’ In my opinion we actually kept metal alive.
“I met a kid a few days ago who said, ‘You were the first rock band I ever listened to’ and I hear that all the time. We played a surprise Vans Warped tour show in California in 2014 and had a whole bunch of singers from other bands come up and sing with us."
He adds: “Every one of them was either, ‘Your band was my first record.’ Or, ‘Your band is the reason I’m playing music.’ It was maybe the first time where I felt like we were the band that people looked at in the way that I look at Deftones, Metallica and Stone Temple Pilots.”
But now Shinoda has leapt to his band mates defence claiming they were 'click bait'.
Shinoda says: “Bunch of rock outlets taking Chester‘s 'kept metal alive' quote out of context today. So dumb. It's click-bait, don’t fall for it.
"He basically said that pop music was ruling the world, and we made a case for commercially viable heavy music – no big deal. Maybe not the best choice of words, but the sentiment wasn’t as outrageous as today’s rock news would have you think.”
Vocalist and guitarist Shinoda reckons Linkin Park helped bring metal back to the mainstream during an era dominated by pop acts with their 200 debut album 'Hybrid Theory.'