Aerosmith have plenty left in the tank says Hamilton

Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton says the band have 'a lot of shows in them' despite the veteran's announcing 2017 would see them embark on a farewell tour.
Speaking to EonMusic he says: "Well, things have been on hold and I think they're about to not be on hold over the next few months. 
"We have a show, a festival we're doing in September out [on the] West [Coast], and then we have a South American tour in October and then a few months later we'll start what we're thinking of as pretty much our last conventional Aerosmith tour. Who knows how long that will go? This band still has a lot of shows in 'em. Aerosmith still has a way to go before we completely finish."
Although their farewell tour will kick off next year it could go on until 2019 with multiple dates across the globe. Guitarist Joe Perry recently insisted there were a number of stops on the band's musical bucket list yet to play.
Hamilton is currently touring with Thin Lizzy as part of a tour to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Phil Lynott's passing and also to celebrate 40 years since the release of the 'Jailbreak' album.