Volbeat will always have a metal core


Michael Poulsen says Volbeat found their signature sound and style on their first record.
And he says that while the band may evolve through time they will always retain the same metal influences at their core but the band's frontman insists it isn't something they particularly think about.
Speaking to Studio Brussel at the Graspop Metal in Belgium, Poulsen says: "We do what we do, and we love what we're doing. And we're just progressing as a band. Sometimes people think the next record is too heavy or too soft. It depends on which ears are listening to it. We don't care too much about it."
He continues: "We are Volbeat and we found our signature sound and style on the first record. And there's a lot of new songs that could be on the first record, but then again, we're also progressing as a band, so maybe some of the songs are a little bit more soft, but there will always be metal influences and… We don't care too much about it. 
"We just like to write songs and be on the road. We would never like to be on the road if we didn't care about what we were doing. So who knows? Maybe the next record will be an extreme metal album. 
"It really depends on where you are when you sit down and write. So we don't think too much about it."