Ozzy planning new solo album

Ozzy Osbourne reveals that while the end is nearing for Black Sabbath – the frontman himself has no intention of slowing down.

Speaking to the Metro Ozzy says he has been working quietly on ideas for a new solo record which he will also support with a live tour when the black curtain finally falls on Black Sabbath’s farewell tour.

He says: “I’m currently playing around with some song ideas. I have a few things jotted down, and once Black Sabbath is off the road, I’ll be heading into the studio with my band to get the songs recorded. Once it’s all in the can you can be sure to see me back on the road again.”

He adds: “The whole tour has been an emotional roller coaster. Though the one I am most aware of is the very last show ever in Birmingham, England.

“I’m sure it will be pretty emotional – but everything has to come to an end at some point, and it’s been an incredible journey.”

Ozzy’s last solo album was 2010’s ‘Scream’. The Black Sabbath farewell tour is due to wrap up in February 2017.