The Microdance release double A-side

A band dubbed the new darlings of Alt-Rock have have announced the release of a brand new double A-side ‘The Ride Today / Come Back To Me My Lover In The Sky’, which is out now.
Reviews of The Microdance have positoned th eband as a blend of The Smashing Pumpkins with early suede with a hybrid fo the tender majesty of the former and the thunderous rock pop glory of the latter.
The brand new track ‘The Ride Today’ was produced by Olly Goodman and sits perfectly in line with The Microdance’s idyllic and dreamy qualities, with its stirring harmonies and tender guitar lines.
"The Ride Today is an interesting one because I think a lot of people who have heard snippets of what we've done think it's a new direction for the band,” beams front man Alex Keevill. 
“I actually wrote the song before we recorded New Waves of Hope and it is in fact redolent of my pre TMD songs; it just didn't fit with the consistent, more organic rocky vibe of the album. It's a sound that I love - gloopy, new wavey, and slightly gothic. A friend said to me when she heard the demo,' you've outcured The Cure.' I'll take that!"
Taken from their critically-acclaimed debut album New Waves Of Hope, ‘Come Back To Me My Lover In The Sky’ is a whirlwind concoction of psychedelic pop with rock undertones creating a shoegaze masterpiece.
The band released their explosively atmospheric debut album last year and features the immersive ‘We Meet In Dreams’, which is a perfect marriage of classy pop with a new wave edge, with its Smashing Pumpkins-esque vocals and echoingly expansive guitars. It’s also the opening salvo on an album that over its 14 tracks explores an ever-changing palette of dynamics between firing anthems and echoing dreamscapes.
New Waves Of Hope was recorded over two weeks in LA with producer Frankie Siragusa and features guests Nicole Fiorentino (Smashing Pumpkins, The Cold & Lovely, Veruca Salt) on vocals and Eric Gardner (Iggy Pop, Morrissey, Tegan & Sara, Tom Morello, Cypress Hill) on drums.
Elevating choruses and anthemic guitars are blended seamlessly together, showcasing the fact that British music is ever-evolving into new and exciting forms. And whilst blurring the lines of genre and preconception, The Microdance meticulously and effortlessly meld Shoegaze, New Wave, Goth Pop and Heavy Metal into an atmospheric explosion.