Axl's manager takes aims at AC/DC haters

Axl Rose's long time manager Beta Lebeis has taken aim and unleashed a furious verba blast at AC/DC fans who remain critical of Rose's role as frontman of the legendary band.
Axl is halfway through the 'Rock or Bust' world tour with AC/DC, after former frontman Brian Johnson was forced to step down from mic duties due to concerns over his health and the prospect permanent hearing loss.
Since taking over with the Aussie band, live reviews have been enormouslly positive for Rose but some remain fiercely critical - prompting Lebeis to hit out. 
In a series of now deleted Instagram posts she wrote: “Do them a favour - don’t come or watch any shows. They don’t need assholes like you around."
“You are an illness to both bands. I’m sure all of you wish Brian would be there, but Brian is sick. For God’s sake just appreciate what’s up there and stop being so selfish.
“Grow up and stop complaining.
"This is also about Angus and his mates – have some respect for them.
“Brian chose to leave due to health issues and Axl is helping his idol. 
“I guess haters will always be haters and have nothing better to do than shit on other people.”
Earlier this week Rose praised the importance of his relationship with Lebeis and her two sons, who form his management team. He spoke to “I met Beta in 1991 and we’ve been together in ways since then. It’s been a big help with everything behind the scenes. Her family’s been very supportive. Plus, they’re a big family and I like the family environment. It helps keep things insular.”
AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd said Angus Young, the band’s guitarist, would need to get rid of Axl if he wanted him back but Axl insists he is keen to continue fronting AC/DC.
“I love that it’s my job, I love that Angus is my boss,” he beams.
"I'll do that as long as Angus  wants to do it and as long as we can make it work. Guns is really supportive about it," Rose continues. "And singing the early Brian [Johnson] songs — the first couple of albums with Brian — those are something else to sing, so it's physically a different animal and another kind of work. And I take pride in doing it."