'Motley Crue comparison is an insult' says Geoff Tate

Being compared to Motley Crue was 'an insult' says ex-Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate.

Queensryche were often lumped in with a number of bands which broke through in the 80's including Motley Crue which Tate admits to taking exception to.

Speaking to The Irish Examiner he said: “When we started, genre wasn't really a thing in the business. Rock music was all encompassing. You had different bands doing different things and it was all totally fine.

"What happened was that the marketing mentality came into the business. They started breaking everything down and putting music in boxes. At that point, writers began placing us in the same box asMotley Crue. It wasn't about the music — it was a selling technique.

"To be compared to Motley Crue...? I took it as kind of an insult, frankly.”

With the explosion of grunge music in the early 90's, many of the rock bands from the decade before were pushed to the side but Tate says it was an exciting time.

“Oh, it was exciting to watch especially since we knew most of those young bands that were coming up behind us," he said.

"Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains - all those three bands toured with us quite a bit during the early nineties, so we got to know those guys quite a bit. So it was exciting seeing their rise to popularity. It was fun watching that."