Filesharing is to blame for no new Kiss records

Gene Simmons says illegal file sharing and downloading is the reason Kiss are reluctant to record a new record insisting the band are not a charity and he has no interest in making a new record unless there is 'a financial model that works' for them.
The Kiss mainman was speaking on The SDR Show and when questioned as to what keeps the band recording new music after four decades in the industry he responded.

"That's less of an incentive, because downloading and file sharing. People have convinced themselves they don't wanna pay for stuff,” he said.

“And last time I checked, Kiss  is not a charity. We're philanthropic, but I'll be the one that decides how much I give and where. I don't want some college kid to decide, 'You have enough money. I don't wanna pay for your record.' Okay, then go download and Radiohead  record and see what happ… No, I ain't about that."

He added: "Make a distinction between commerce and philanthropy. So the idea of doing another Kiss record, unless and if there's a financial model that works, personally I'm not interested in it."

Kiss's last studio album dropped in 2012 with 'Monster' selling more than 50,000 copies in the first week of release, less than half of the 108,000 sold in the first week of 2009's 'Sonic Boom.'

Simmons also reflected the substance and alcohol abuse issues of band members in the past which he says almost led him to chucking in the towel on Kiss.

“Yes. A few times. When Ace [Frehley] and Peter [Criss], our beloved original members and brothers and all that stuff, we started the band together, when they succumbed to the cliché of clichés — drugs and alcohol.

“I mean, I can almost understand it if it was unique, but it's, like, really? Hasn't it been done by everybody yet? At least when (Kurt] Cobain ) blew his head off, you go, 'Ah, cool.' You know, fast, thank you, bye. You're not gonna torture anybody else. And he was not a happy camper by all indications, so.”