Hammett says family comes first

Kirk Hammett says family keeps him sane and grounded and prioritising loved ones is the most important thing in the world.

The Metallica guitarist also pinpointed the late Amy Winehouse as an example of an artist who, in his opinion, didn't have the best support network as she began her music career.

In an interview with Faster Louder he explained: “Prioritizing family is the most important thing. We all have children, we all acknowledge we need to hang out with our families and children to keep us sane.

“We set it up so we have a really good balance of band time and family time, and when we go out on the road, we're not out for more than a couple of weeks at a time, and that allows us to put in a good chunk of family time and a good chunk of band time and tour and play shows."

Metallica's track 'Moth Into Flame' was inspired by the sad passing of British singer Amy Winehouse and written regarding the pitfalls of fame.

He continued: “With Amy Winehouse, I saw the documentary, my take on that was, from the beginning she didn't have a very good support group. There was no one around her who had her own best interests prioritized, and it's a shame, because she was misguided from the very beginning. And when she started to get some guidance, it seemed like it was more difficult to trust people at that point; it was too late at that point.

“And yeah, it's really unfortunate, y'know, that she was driven to cope in the only way she knew how to cope. And it's a bummer.”

When asked whether Metallica famous enough or too famous, Hammett replied: “Yeah… I'll tell you my take on that: musicians, famous musicians, rock stars, aren't really known for their appearance so much as they are for their music, really.

“Movie stars, movie actors, they have absolutely no privacy, they can't go anywhere, because their whole fame and celebrity is based on their appearance. So I have friends who are big-time movie actors, you can't go out in public with them, basically.

“Bottom line is for them to go out in public, it's a big ordeal! There's a lot of pre-planning; you can't just go out. With musicians, it's different; we can all just go out and all do our own thing, and if you don't want to get noticed, you do things that don't get you noticed.

“If you don't want to get noticed, don't go out dressed up like you're about to go out onstage, you know what I mean?”