Unauthorised Hetfield biography

An unauthorised biography of Metallica frontman James Hetfield will be released in April entitled 'So Let It Be Written.'

Scheduled for an April 11 release date the book chronicles the journey of Hetfield from his rebellion against his Christian Scientist parents and his struggles with their disapproval of medicines even when his mother was fighting against cancer in 1979.

His youth was the catalyst for a number of Metallica's later songs including 'The God That Failed.'

The book charts his time in a number of teenage bands and his ultimate coming together with the guys who formed Metallica. It also covers the tragic passing of Cliff Burton in 1986 and the rise of Metallica to becoming the world's biggest metal bands.

The problems within the band are also featured including Hetfield's own struggles with alcohol.

A sample chapter of 'So Let It Be Written' is available at LesserGodsBooks.com.