As Lions - Selfish Age REVIEW 7/10

When your Dad has fronted one of metal's most famous bands it is impossible to avoid comparisons but As Lions are not Iron Maiden – nor do they pretend to be or, musically at least, desire to be.

Having Bruce Dickinson in your mobile as Dad unfortunately means As Lions are instantly dismissed by some fans without even hearing a note while others will champion the band on the same token before tuning into a single track.

Fronted by Austin Dickinson, formerly of Rise To Remain and another band who were enjoying a speedy upward trajectory before their split two years ago, As Lions are a band who comfortably straddle the fine line between pop and rock with a foot in a half in the rock side and a healthy half foot chunk sitting in pop.

Each track is built around the frame work of melodic hooks, frenetic finger work on the necks of screaming guitars and Dickinson's Persil-clean vocals.

Dickinson sends choruses soaring so high they could reach the heavens throughout 'Selfish Age.' The album sounds like an identikit for a band destined to conquer arenas and festivals near you soon.

Their journey to their début album has already seen them share a tour bus and bill with the likes of Five Finger Death Punch and Trivium earning them a stamp of approval from their peers.

Tracks like ‘Pieces’, ‘The Fall’ and the groovy, fling-your-pal-around-in-circles ‘Deathless’ all hit the sweet spot of this rock fans eardrums.

There is a definite 'radio-friendliness' about the lyrics and many of the songs could slot in effortlessly onto Radio-1's playlist and sound right at home as Nick Grimshaw's 'Track of the Day.' Others like 'White Flag's' veer more towards Dickinson's famous rock lineage.

As Lions are band high on riffs cranked out on searing guitars, foot-stomping, smile-inducing melodies and lyrics so clean you could eat your dinner off them.

When the music stops playing I'd simply urge listeners to pop it back on again as it gets even better with a second spin. 'Selfish Age' is the best record of the year – yes I know we are only three weeks into 2017 but nevertheless – it's a cracker and worth whacking on the family hi-fi if you need a quick fix of easy listening rock n' roll.