Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor 4/5

Top tracks:


The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles

Deep Six

Throughout the nineties and early part of the noughties, Marilyn Manson was the unrivalled ayatollah of shock n' rolla.
Wrestling the baton from the legendary Alice Cooper, his angst ridden, dark lyrics and brooding guitars mirrored the hell which seemed to be inside his head.
During his rise to the top he became the chief target for Christian politicans where he became preferred scapegoat.and alleged catalyst for a number of atrocities.
It was a nonsense and Manson was a rock icon for a generation. A bonafide rock star who churned out top ten albums and stadium rousing rock anthems which have since stood the test of time.
Since then Manson has lost his way a little with his live shows and records not gripping listeners and gig goers by the throat as they once did.
Fast forward to 2015 and Manson did once again shock us with his ninth studio offering The Pale Emperor by returning to foot stomping glory. The record was a delicious dark and decadent journey through the weird and warped mind of a metal master craftsman thoroughly enjoying his work again.
It is a huge return to glory for Manson and the track ' the Mephistopheles of Los Angeles' is the best thing he has done since 'mObscene' back in 2003.
He describes the track himself as the 'heart of the album' and it is easy to see why. Lyrically the tune leads listeners down a grisly road with Mephistopheles who is a German demon which is said to collect the souls of the damned.
'Deep Six' is another gloriously brooding number. With lyrics which spit the names of Greek Gods like musical fire it is a banging dark delight with the groove and tempo of a club tune which has been dunked in a bucket of tar.
As always Manson touches on all the subjects upon which he has often built his records from sex and drugs to violence but after a spell in the musical wilderness Manson has come home to reclaim his throne.