Biters – Electric Blood 3.5/5

Top tracks:




Heart Fulla Rock N’ Roll



Listening to ‘Electric Blood’ by Atlanta rock upstarts Biters is like opening a time capsule to another era of the genre.

It is almost as if someone bottled the vibe, atmosphere and licks of rock n’ roll in the late 70’s and early 80’s, tucked it away into storage before uncorking it much to the delight of our ears all these years later.

Spinning through the tracks it is hard to wipe a silly smile from your face and ignore the delight in the air.

Opening with the infectious ‘Restless Hearts’ the band make their intentions abundantly clear from the outset. Sugary hooks, classic riffs and more than a few nods to their musical heroes along the way.

The title track wouldn’t have been out of place on any number of 80’s hair metal records and it is easy to imagine CC and Brett penning this kind of tune in their pomp.

‘1975’ is one of my favourite songs on the record as the boys hark back to a time they long for and bemoan the pitfalls of normal life in the present day. Elsewhere on the record ‘Heart Fulla Rock n’ Roll’ sees frontman Tuk Smith channel his inner pop-punk as he rips a page out of Billie Joe Armstrong’s playbook with a three and half minute slice of Green Day-style rockage.

A ballad is inevitably included but ‘The Kid’s Aint Alright’ is like an 80’s ballad dipped in some Bolivian marching powder. It begins in traditional ballad-style before stomping on the accelerator for a ballad with balls which hits all the right notes.

Biters were dubbed ‘retro rock n’ roll’ by Classic Rock and it is hard to argue with that tag. But the four-piece have enough originality and personality to carve their own niche and make their own name.

They may sound like the bastard love-child of Cheap Trick and AC/DC but they are making enough noise to make the walls shake to make their rock n’ roll parents proud.