Sixx: A.M. – Prayers For the Damned Vol.1 4/5

“I’m a creature of a different past; we’re all looking for a second chance,” sings frontman James Michael, “what have I got to lose when I’ve already lost it all.”

The Sixx: A.M. singer could be referring to either of his band mates in Nikki Sixx or DJ Ashba who have both since devoted their full attention to their ‘side project’ in recent months.

Ashba quit Guns N’ Roses last summer while Sixx brought the black curtain down on 30-years of raising glorious, musical hell with Motley Crue with both hell-bent on moving Sixx: A.M. into the top tier of rock.

Dropping into record stores, and onto digital music platforms, near you on April 29, is the band’s fourth studio effort – Prayers of the Damned Vol.1.

Packed with radio friendly rock hits the trio have produced the kind of record which burrows deep down into your ear, makes itself at home and refuses to leave. Infesting your head with infectious hooks, built around sugary sweet melodies and enough guitar solos to woo even the coldest musical soul.

Album opener ‘Rise’ signals the band’s intent from the off. Rising vocals kick the door to the record off the hinges before the twin towers of Sixx and Ashba burst through in perfect unison.

‘Rise up to the dawn of a new day,’ and ‘strike down all who oppose you’ are themes of a song which harks an exciting new chapter for Sixx: A.M.

The album’s title track is another belter. An anthem for change which beckons you in close before booting you up the ass with a kicking riff.

‘Better Man’ continues the theme which includes an alluring solo in the middle which has been dunked headfirst in a pit of bluesy rock.

‘Sometimes my best isn’t good enough, I’ll do what I can to try and be a better man,” sings Michael on a track which should be a live favourite.

‘Everything Went To Hell’ kicks off with the kind of guitar riff which compel you to get up and stomp a mudhole in the ground with incessant foot tapping, hips swinging and fists pumping.

The final song on the album ‘The Rise of the Melancholy Empire’ is an anthem of defiance, of overcoming adversity, saying ‘fuck you’ and with a promise to return.

I’ll see Sixx: A.M on the hallowed turf of Donington Park this summer and if they can export their studio magic to the live arena then I, and thousands of other festival goers, am in for a treat.

Nikki Sixx has a new crew. And while a motley bunch they aint, they more than tick all the boxes for a party pleasing rock n’ roll band

Set your rock n’ roll alarms for Sixx: A.M. because it’s time to wake up to a band who are ready to reinvigorate your playlist. They might even change your life.