3 Doors Down Us and The Night 5/10

‘There's life and there's one dance, there's fate and there's one chance, to find out who I wanna be, and I know it's inside of me,’ sings Brad Arnold on the new 3 Doors Down record, with lyrics which perfectly sum up his bands new record.

Anyone who spins an album from the hugely successful Mississippi band know exactly what their getting.

If any band ‘do exactly what they say on the tin,’ it’s them. They are band fully comfortable with who they are and what they do.

Album sales north of 20 million don’t lie and the band have carved out a stellar career in radio friendly rock n’ roll.

Songs built on the bedrock tight musicianship and choruses dipped in vat fulls of sugary sweet melodies.

It’s been five years since the band’s last record hit stores and two new members have joined the band. But with Arnold steering the good ship 3 Doors, they haven’t lost course or missed step.

Founding member Matt Roberts and bassist Todd Harrell have jumped ship but on the new album, titled ‘Us and The Night’ the new boys Chet Roberts and Justin Biltonen have slotted in seamlessly.

The album is packed with songs which would comfortably slot into any easy listening rock radio playlist.

Opener ‘The Broken’ kicks things off with a distorted guitar swirl before swinging back into a conventional pop-rock melody.




My favourite track on the album comes in at No.5 with ‘Living In Your Hell.’ Like so many 3 Doors Down tunes it is one which takes aim at the emotive parts of the listener.

Lead single ‘In The Dark’ sees the band dip a toe in sleazier territory with a lyric proclaiming ‘she likes to do it in the dark.’ It is a tame lyric compared to some rock bands but hugely unexpected from the 3 Doors Down boys who have built a career on crooning over subjects like ‘Here without you baby.’

At 37 minutes the record is on the short side but while it’s not the kind of album which you will constantly reach for, it is the kind that should it come on your shuffle, you won’t be reaching for the skip button either.

It might not deliver a knockout blow to rock listeners but it won’t turn any away either. Perfect for easy listening and a solid if unspectacular offering from the band.