Reckless Love - InVader 7/10

Reckless Love are back with their fourth full length album 'Invader' which could be your perfect summer party rock record. Soaring choruses, screeching guitars and lyrics and songs about chasing girls or partying with the boys, mean this is not an album which will force anybody to think too hard.

I really like Reckless Love, they write good songs, they are good musicians and the record sounds great. However, I can't help thinking the band were born in the wrong era.

Lift this band and this record and dump them on Sunset Strip in 1985 and they'd be huge.

At the height of the glam band's heyday where pretty boy rock stars took a bath in glitter and hairspray before plugging in and churning out records which straddled the tightrope between chart acceptable pop hooks and sleazy riffs.

Bands like Ratt, Winger and Faster Pussycat filled the airwaves and charts in the '80s but for the most part Reckless Love outgun them with their arsenal of tunes.

'Invader' is no different with the Finnish band, who call themselves the Kings of Merry Metal, rarely putting a musical foot wrong.

The album opens with ‘We Are The Weekend,’ which is the kind of song which forces the listener to tap their foot involuntarily, start nodding and eventually swinging the cat around the kitchen in delight.

‘Monster’, ‘Scandinavian Girls’, ‘Pretty Boy Swagger’ and ‘Rock It’ continue the trend of big hitting riffs of equal parts sleaze and party anthems.

Reckless Love are endless fun, they pen tracks which nest in your head. They are a celebration of a time and a place musically that they, and their fans, don't want to forget.

If you love your glittery sleaze rock, if you hark back to the era of spandex wearing rockers with choruses you can sing-a-long to after just one or two spins then this is both the band and the album for you.