Babymetal - Metal Resistance 8/10

This is what happens when two worlds collide ... near global domination.

The J-Pop and thrash metal hybrid beast which has spawned Babymetal are setting new records as quickly as copies of their new album ‘Metal Resistance’ are flying off the shelves or being downloaded onto a portable music player near you.

Foot-stomping, hair swinging, fist punching metal riffs were never as catchy as when building towards choruses dripping in sugary sweet pop melodies and more catchy than a cold in a crowded office.

Babymetal are no longer a novelty act. They are a bonafide metal force to be reckoned with. Nobody can now claim otherwise. Metal snobbery aside.

The numbers don’t lie. Charting at number 15 in the UK Album chart -  the highest entry for any Japanese band ever in the UK. Becoming the first Japanese band to headline the Wembley SSE Arena and break the venues merch record in the process.

Yes it appears the world is going gaga for Babymetal and it’s easy to see why.

‘Karate’ has the kind of guitar chops which would get the headbang of approval from any metal guitarist from Dimebag to Kirk Hammett.

The fast and furious shredding continues throughout the record with tracks peppered with J-Pop inspired vocals and the occasional synth.

There are nods to prog rock, ska punk and even black metal as the band dip a toe into a variety of metal sub genres on tracks like ‘From Dusk Till Dawn,’ ‘Yava!,’ and ‘Sis Anger.’

But it’s all good and I defy even the most stubborn of musical hearts not to burst with glee and delight at the brilliantly bonkers concept.

Meshing J-Pop with metal shouldn’t work but it does and Babymetal are a band we have taken to both our hearts and our headphones.